What have I stumbled upon? Some sort of man-love website with a thing for fruit?

Sort of close but (un)fortunately completely wrong. You’ve stumbled onto Phallic Fruits the webcomic! You should check out our archive to see all the comics we currently have online!

Oh man that was so cool! I’m definitely subscribing to your feed and liking your facebook page!

We love you with all of our hearts.

When will you make more awesome new content?

We plan on keeping a regular twice-a-week schedule for as long as we are able to. So far it’s worked out pretty good!

Who are you?

We are two nerds who’ve known each other for all eternity… and if you are more into visual information, we are these people:

Who’s who and what do you do?

The guy on the right would be Simon. He’s the one with the skills for drawing. The other dude is Roland and he’s sort of the website guy mostly. And the picture is a reminder for all you children reading this never to drink… when there’s a person with a camera in the room.

Why the “S.Ø.N.” signature?

Well, these are Simon’s initials (sometimes danish people don’t like the “o” in their names, so they try to cross it out)…