Simon: Hey, regular people (or semi-regular people)! In an earlier upload, I said that I was going to slightly alter the designs of some of the Villain People and that I would present these in a comic containing all five members. However I figured it would be easier to just show you. I’ve made the biggest changes on Dr. Doom, but still – it’s not that different from before…

But anyways: I decided to show you Captain Cruel first. The biggest change I’ve made was in my head: You see, I’ve always imagined that his suit was purple, but when I drew him in this pose I somehow realized that green would suit him much better… At least that’s what I think… But this is the first time, you see him in colour so uhm… yeah… Besides from changing the colours I made him look a bit more “dynamic”… Mainly by deleting some of the less important details.

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