Simon: We do have a couble of actual comics lined up, but I felt I had to get this outta the way first. You see drawing these guys we’re always kind of a bore, but I do love them as characters, so of course they derve a re-design.

Robot Guys is almost unaltered. The shape of his feet is a little bit different. Apart that I just concentrated a bit more on getting the dimension of his body and head right – a thing I rarely paid attention to in the past (but of course something I’ll do in the future). His eyes are also a bit different: I made the upper lines of his eyes a bit longer than the widths of the eyes. This means I can draw him looking in different directions without moving his head – just look how slick he is on this picture!

Doctor Doom wearing kitchen gloves? Uhm… yes – they were on sale… When re-designing Doctor Doom, I focused on making him look more dynamic. His body is also bigger than it used to and his hairstyle is a little bit different… But as he is the one I altered the most, I think the results are pretty easy to spot, so I’m not gonna explain it more thoroughly than this…

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