Simon: First I weren’t gonna write anything about this comic (the comic in itself is pretty self-explanatory), but in trying to figure out how to explain the missing explanation, I actually found a lot of things to say…

First of all, you must once again (and probably also henceforth) excuse me for my lowly taste in plays on words (links here, here and here), but this is a crime of passion: My Name Is Earl was one of my favourite sitcoms – no such show deserves to be cancelled in the middle of a cliffhanger (and after just 4 seasons – for shame)!

I also apologize for not making Sundays upload of last week… That’s two Sundays I missed in a row. And this comic is a day past deadline also… I guess I’ll go back to uploading twice a week (Thursdays and Fridays) for a while.

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↓ Transcript
Hello, my name is Earl.
I'm Earlier...