Simon: Did you know that “gross” is also the German word for big? Kinda gives the third panel an extra meaning… exept not really – so never mind… The phobia for Germany/Germans is called Germanophobia btw…

This comic was actually drawn 5 or 6 years ago. I made it for a school magazine – a couple of years later I uploadet it on Back then it was in danish and only black and white, so I thought I’d colourize it, translate it and upload it here too. However I did find some new facts for it – the old facts (one of which is outdated btw) weren’t really that interesting… The boy in this comic is actually myself – the girl is however fictional, so don’t worry: If you ever beated me half to death with a bat, this is not based on you… “Snot” (which is the same in english and danish) was probably my favourite word when i first made this… I cannot think of any other reason for the girl’s shirt than that…

Credit for the title goes to my brother…

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↓ Transcript
Did you know there's a phobia for good news? "Euphobia"...
No, I didn't...
Did you know that Barry Nelson is the first James Bond - not Sean Connery?
Well.. Did you know that the world record for longest ear hair is 18,1 centimeters?
So what do you know?!
Pain is a symptom, which strengh and character can not be measured objectively...