Roland: You may be familiar with the ‘The Game’, a brain virus (or mind game if you will) wherein you lose the game by thinking of it. The only way to win the game is to learn about the existence of it, completely forget it, and then die (although other methods of beating ‘The Game’ have been proposed). This is almost he same, except worse. Long story short, every time I hear a singer utter the lyrics ‘Let me Whisper In Your Earin his and/or her romantic love ballad, I unwillingly interpret the lyrics as ‘Let Me Whisper in Your Rear’. It’s like misheard lyrics except for the fact that I actually know the right lyrics, but can’t avoid making the ear/rear connection because I know it exists. Now, the song ‘Angie‘ isn’t the worst one out there in that regard, as our good friend Mr. Jagger pauses slightly between Whisper and Ear… But none the less, I cannot escape this evilconnection. And if I by this post have shared it with you… Well, my bad I guess.

EDIT: To those wondering, the reason this is unescapable (shuddup it’s a totally word) is because it is fueled by Ironic Processing. Thanks for the heads-up, James.

Simon: When Roland told me to draw this I instinctively knew I had to put more effort into drawing the rear than Mick Jagger… It’s just the way things goes on the internet… Sorry by the way – missed the upload, Sunday… We will however upload comics starring Mr. Lovebunny every day next week, so you wont’ miss out on anything…

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↓ Transcript
Hey, Angie...