Simon: “Two Poets, One Cup”?

I should state that this is not a joke made by the Phallicfruits cast, but a joke I got from Tom Gammill (who’s been producing such sitcoms as Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Futurama and many more). And so you might ask: “Wow! Do you know Tom Gammill?!” … Well, no… I don’t… I wish, though… The joke originates from the dvd-commentary of The Simpsons-episode called “Little Girl In The Big Ten” ( episode DABF15) on the 13th season dvd-box. On this dvd-commentary, the poet Robert Pinsky, who was a guest star in the episode, talks about some of his friends who also are poets. One of these is Louise Glück, who is also Robert Pinsky’s neighbour, and shortly after Pinsky says this, Tom Gammill asks if they sometimes go to each other’s houses to “borrow a cup of metaphors”. Well, I just couldn’t resist drawing that…

So… yeah… that was a “short” disclaimer… but I’ve put a copyrights-thingy on the drawing anyway… for tradition’s sake I guess…

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↓ Transcript
Can I borrow a cup of metaphors?