Simon: Now go inject your friends with animal tranquilizer and hang ‘em from tall things – it’s the greatest prank ever!

“Son of a Pun” is not really a new segment – I just decided to start calling all of my worst pun-comics that… I don’t know what defines a “Son of a Pun” but it probably has to do with me not having any original ideas whatsoever… I’m gonna figure this out as I go along, I guess…

Btw. have you noticed that last week was the first time I actually did our promised two comics a week-thing, in a really long time? I’m gonna re-install the driver for my Bamboo(no, it ain’t made from bamboo, you stupid jerk!)tablet soon, so fear not: the web comic will (hopefully) soon be back on course – and when it is, I’m gonna make a Between Dogs theme-week – uploadig one Between Dog-comic a day for a whole week. It’s gonna be tail-chaisin’, scrotum-lickin’, other-dog’s-butt-sniffin’ heaps of fun… Probably…

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↓ Transcript
Hungover, huh?...
Did you do this?
But I wasn't even drunk last night!...
Still funny though...