Simon: A lot of things to say about this one. For example: Originally it wasn’t meant to be a one-panel joke: Roland and I had actually “written” (what we call written material is really just conversations we randomly improvise to make strangers feel uncomfortable) a whole conversation, which these two characters were supposed to have.

It would go something like this:

A: “Did you see that blond?! … She’s got huuuge talents!”

B: “That may be so, but the brunette really had more firm talents.”

A: “So you think that today’s audience would prefer firm talents more than big talents?”

B: “Basically, yes… Talents that are big and firm is of course the optimal choice, but I really think we should go with talents that we know are real.”

A: “Uhm… are we still talking about breasts here?…”

I love the multible layers we added to just one joke through that conversation, but I also love it as a one-panel joke… Anyway – lazyness dictated what to choose and you’ve read the result. Another part of this joke which is pretty important is that truth it has to it: Everyone knows that Megan Fox was casted for her firm talents… and her EPICLY NICE butt!!

Roland: Well, I do owe you for giving me this unholy acting TALENT!

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↓ Transcript
Did you see that blond?!...
She's got huuuge "talents"!...

Well... They both seem pretty talented to me...