Simon: Another guest-comic by our good friend Thomas Elsborg who also drew The Butterfly and George the Magical Rainbow Horse (which i just linked to – check it out!) … As of yet, I’m not sure, when we’ll have the next turtle story on our hands but the series well definately continue – I can’t wait to see where this is going.

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a five week vacations in Australia, but I’ve pre-uploadet all the comics so you won’t miss out…

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↓ Transcript
In an ancient time, there was ONE big turtle and nothing more
Until one day, when a mighty being was created out of cosmos.
"RUNERIK" was born!
The Mighty runerik used his great fertilizing skills to fertilize the ancient turtle
Three turtles were born: one which controlled the element of fire
One which controlled the water...
And a mere turtle…
With their unifed forces they killed their mother.
Her shell became the world...
One eye became the sun – one became the moon
But the turtles couldn’t stand the burning blame of their mothers eye
The fire turtle melted and became all of the magma in the world...
The water turtle became all the water
And the mere turtle became life itself...
And that iss how the great planet TURTH was born