Simon: This comic may or may not be based on YOUR MOM!

… This comic contains multiple layers of jokes and oddities, which is why i’m actually quite proud of it… I am however sorry if the racial undertones offends you.

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↓ Transcript
Many people have asked me, how I keep my coats so white.
We therefore bring you this Doctor Doom Special, where I will tell you a few of my secrets.
First of all, you must look at the whiteness of your coat as the perfect society!
Of course I don't mean this in a racist kinda way... ... it's just that you look way more sciency in a white coat than in a black coat.
Some say that black coats tend to be bigger than white coats... ... however this is just a myth!
... although the yellow ones often seem a bit smaller...
Your coat represent the perfect society ... where you are the supreme overlord, women can't drive and dried pieces of fruit are NOT recognized as candy...
As supreme overlord it is YOUR task... ... to crush any stain that sets foot on your domain.
To accomplish this, I use Cillit Boom!!! Way manlier than Cillit Bang... ... and a tad more explosive... Thank you for listening!