Simon: First of all: Sorry! This was supposed to have been uploaded yesterday… But well… I forgot…

Anyways – to those who get the title: I salute thee. To those who don’t: Go watch Bill Bailey’s shows until you do!

This comic reminds me of a conversation I once had with a drunk friend and an Australian friend, in which we were discussing the differences between pies and cakes. We agreed that pies could have meat in them and cakes couldn’t. Somehow this conversation ended with a somewhat philosophical conclusion, stating that everything was either pie or cake – the only difference being whether it could contain meat or not. Therefore humans are pies, pencils are cakes and refigerators can be both depending on whether you are a vegetarian. To me, this is more important than the principle of  ”cogito ergo sum”… Caro ergo pie…

Roland: Jim might very well have learned all his baking skills from watching Man Cooking on YouTube. Just like me.

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↓ Transcript
Excellent Jim!... Surely you have outdone yourself... You must tell me your secret!
I see... The is a fine line between madness and genius...