Simon: Flappers is a really cool name for a cat…

Roland: This is probably the best Villain People Simon has done so far – not only because of the art work and colouring, but, perhaps, mostly because it involves paradoxes. I really, really love paradoxes. Here’s a small one to keep you awake at night: ”This statement is false”.

Also, Flappers is a totally radical name for a cat.

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↓ Transcript
Villain People!
I have gathered you here this morning to talk about the latest of my evil plans... It is the most devious one to date... And yet so simple: all we need to do is to go on a strike...
Soon all criminels in the world will follow our example... By then all hospitals and police forces will be virtually obsolete...
People will lose their jobs and on top of that more people willl grow old, not being victimized by crime... The costs of eldercare will put an enormous pressure on the economy...
The economy will collapse... Florida will be overpopulated and smelly...
... very smelly indeed!...
... But the worst thing is that old people always get in car-accidents - hurting anyone but themselves...
... But when everyone is old, this will result in a paradox that ultimately will rip apart the whole universe!! Muahahahahahahaaaa!!!
Where's my cat, Flabbers? Nurse! Those kids! Always with the "tripods" in their ears! Come listen to me instead!
Ehm...? To create such a paradox... Wouldn't it be faster to travel back in time and kill our own grandmothers?
Well... I'm kinda scared og my grandmother... Knowing how she can destroy the universe...